Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips Pillow Talk Review

by thevelvethome

What I recommend today is Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips Pillow Talk.

The packaging is really beautiful. This lipstick is as big as a cigarette. The classic rose gold in Charlotte Tilbury makes the product look luxurious. The disadvantage is that the lipstick itself is very thin and may break. My shadow has not happened yet.

The formula left a deep impression on me, it is smooth and nutritious. It feels like you have applied an expensive lip balm. This new formula is completely glossy, high gloss and lipstick staying power. In the beautiful world, Pillow Talk as a shadow is an absolute phenomenon.

The formula is cute. It uses polymers to make a soft and soft film, and the emollient oil in it gives the lips a gorgeous luster, juicy appearance, and a light feel. Diamond powder gives people a radiant feeling, wax gives a silky feeling, while hyaluronic acid and peptides are respectively plumped and stimulate collagen.

It has a diamond-like almost frosted gorgeous appearance, and is about to become a double chrome alloy. This is a shiny lipstick with a metallic luster. If you are looking for gorgeous holiday lipsticks, it is definitely worth a try.




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