Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheatpillow Talk Original Review

by thevelvethome

The field of Pillow Talk is expanding on a large scale. By the beginning of 2020, there will be a series of products launched with the new lip gloss, including Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheatpillow Talk Origina.

Two new colors (“Pillow Talk Medium” and “Pillow Talk Intense”) are now available to complement two new lipsticks designed to define lips and extend the use time of the lipstick

The original “Pillow Talk” hue is a soft pink nude color, which can be perfectly matched with “Pillow Talk Lipstick”. “Pillow Talk In contrast, “Pushlow Talk Intense” is much lighter than the pink Pillow Talk medium lipstick. However, lip cheating still provides a good foundation for lipstick.

Charlotte Lip Cheat is a creamy smooth lip liner. They have a smooth texture and can form seamless lines, so you can resize and reshape the appearance of your lips to make them fuller.

The lip pencils have just slipped on, so whether you use them to outline the lips or fill them up, they are very easy to apply. They have a lovely cream formula and rich pigmentation. I found that they can last up to 6 hours without smudging and have a waterproof formula, which means there is no transfer.

I am very optimistic about it, you can try more!




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