Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue15 Ml Review

by thevelvethome

What excites me most is this little beauty-Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue. It provides instant results that I absolutely love.

Although the pot is made of plastic instead of glass, the packaging does look beautiful and suitable for display on a dressing table. In fact, the product itself only occupies a small part of the pot, so it is not necessary for a 15ml cream.

It is super creamy and mild, but it penetrates into the skin well and even works perfectly on makeup. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that can bring moisture back into the skin. For the past few weeks, I have used it every morning and I can see that my lower eyes are so bright and look very moisturized and smooth.

But after just using it for more than a week, I can see that the texture is improved, and the eye area is indeed lifted and tightened, and the right amount of moisture + gloss is added. I thumbs up. There is a soft skin care fragrance on this, but no fragrance.

Overall, I have to say that Magic Eye Rescue exceeded my expectations-especially the way it is worn during makeup and enough moisture without being greasy. I recommend you to give it a try!


  • $60.00/15mL
  • $400.00/100mL


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