Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette Stoned Rose Beauty Review

by thevelvethome

I like many of Charlotte Tilbury’s products, but my favorite is Instant Palette because they are easy to use and can provide high-quality, beautifully formulated shades for your entire face.

There is now a brand new launcher! Check out Charlotte Tilbury’s instant makeup look in the palette of rose roses. This is a surprise.

This is a “enhanced luminosity palette that can give a fresh, natural look from within the luminescence!”. This palette has the beauty of rose almost every day and the brilliance of rose kissing throughout the year. Here, you can go to the official website to check the use of each part.

The texture is great. This is a very delicate, silky and smooth formula. It blends together effortlessly. It does maintain a sheer sheen, although it looks colored, it looks purer when mixed. This is especially true of eye smoke. I thought it would be really dark, but it suddenly disappeared. The texture may be a bit powdery, especially the two matte eyeshadows.

These palettes are very travel-friendly, with amazing rose patterns printed on the outer packaging, and I really hope that it will also appear on the actual palette. Instead, the actual palette is a regular fuchsia shade with rose gold accents. There is a full-size mirror inside. The palette is strong and compact, and most of them have neutral eyeshadow shades, and are very easy to wear blush, bronzer and highlighter, which can complete the look in a few minutes. good quality.

This palette is expensive, but compared to other full-face makeup palettes on the market, this seems to be the most wear-resistant palette. I will definitely put it in my handbag!




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