Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’S Magic Serum Crystal Elixir 30Ml Review

by thevelvethome

Charlotte Tilbury is famous for its amazing lipsticks and eyeshadows, and also has an amazing skin care line!

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’S Magic Serum Crystal Elixir 30Ml is a new essence to complement the cream .

It is packed in a beautiful glass bottle with a crystal-shaped dent on the bottom of the bottle. It has an ultra-luxury packaging that complements other products. It comes with a transparent glass bottle, a rose gold metal pump, a glass pipette and a pearl white box. There is even a holographic crystal design on the front of the box.

Apply magic essence. The formula aims to achieve four key skin care goals, including transparency, brilliance, texture and elasticity. The formula has a milky white texture, achieving a perfect balance between a heavy formula and a light formula.

The formula is slightly sticky, very lightweight and easy to use. There is almost no smell, the formula instantly moisturizes, leaving a plump, non-greasy makeup look, which can be combined well with other skin care products and cosmetics. I like the non-alcoholic and silicone-free formula and the rich skin care ingredients.

After using it for a period of time, it makes my skin feel very hydrated, very elastic, and the pores become tighter and more delicate.

I like this product and recommend it!




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