Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’S Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir Original Review

by thevelvethome

Charlotte Tilbury always brings me unexpected surprises. Today we are introducing Charlotte’S Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir Original.

I really like that it has a roll-on applicator because it makes the application very simple and does not cause confusion. Gently squeeze the tube until the oil flows into the balls, then release, and then apply to the lips.

I also absolutely love the soft glow this formula brings to the lips. The texture is really light and not sticky. It is really good when used alone, and can also provide an excellent moisturizing primer or top coat for lipsticks.

Once I use this lip oil, my lips feel very moisturized and nourished. I found that it stayed on my lips for two hours, and even after the product was worn, my lips still felt very soft and smooth and still felt hydrated.

In addition, its gloss is not too high, which means that men can also use it as a beautiful, flattering lip protector. It smells good-I think it’s like a subtle touch of caramel, with a subtle sweetness.

Definitely the favorite lip balm I have tried. Have you tried the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Balm?




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