Charlotte Tilbury The Air-Brushbronzing Brush Review

by thevelvethome

What’s exciting is that we also have a brand new tool-the spray gun! This is a Kabuki style bronzer brush designed for effortless application of the new Airbrush Bronzer and Charlotte’s existing powder formula.

The air brush retractable bronzing brush is a bronze-colored super soft plush white fluffy brush. It is well made and I think it is the perfect package with a lid in your cosmetic bag. I do worry that washing might be a bit tricky, but I really like it and think it’s worth a wave.

This exquisite bronzer brush is handmade and can slide on your skin to get a spray-gun-like sun-like finish anytime, anywhere! The brush is beautiful in design. Clean and stylish rose gold. In addition, I think the bristles of the brush are synthetic, not animal, which is a great advantage.

The brush does apply the bronzer pen perfectly. Recently, I have been wearing a new bronzer pen every day, and my makeup has never been praised so much.

If you are also using Charlotte Tilbury products, I hope you buy one!




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