Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascarasuper Black 10 Ml Review

by thevelvethome

The latest product of the cult Pillow Talk dynasty in Charlotte Tilbury today, the first Pillow Talk mascara is unique!

I immediately said that I like it. For me, this is the right brush-if you like long and sharp.

First of all, I will say on the packaging, I think I will never like the look of mascara again! ! The gorgeous pink baby tube has a heavy ceramic feel and is equipped with a gorgeous rose gold lid, which perfectly sets off. love it!

The most unique place is on the brush, the micro pro precision paddle brush, just like air, can apply each eyelash vertically, even the smallest eyelashes! The diamond-shaped bristles on both sides of the brush follow the structure of the eyelashes and read the fan shape of the eyelashes, which can expand and expand the eye opening effect!

I like the way it thickens the thick root lashes. It makes my eyelashes look tight, which I cannot do by myself. Moreover, curling and pulling are very easy to achieve, and by bringing the pulling very close to the root of the eyelashes, an incredible length can be achieved.

In short, I like it very much! What about you?




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