Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Pillow Talk Review

by thevelvethome

Pillow Talk is described as “not only color, but also a dream world.” In the spring of 2020, Charlotte Tilbury expanded the Pillow Talk series, adding some new features, including new lip colors , Eye shadow and cheek color. I will share the details with you.

The shade itself is a powdery formula, but it has a good payoff. I like the texture of Tilbury shades because despite being powdery, they hardly have any sediment.

Pillow Talk has two shimmer and two matte, for me it is a transitional shade, a crease shade and two shades for the lid. Pillow Talk is paired with translucent warm champagne shimmer (Prime), matte dusty pink (Enhance), sparkling rose champagne glitter top hat (Pop) and warm light brown (Smoke).

For daily makeup, this palette is perfect. Moreover, as a person with bold eyes and heavy smoky makeup looks a lot, when I want to pursue a subtle but beautiful style, this is a good choice. It makes my complexion pleasing.

The color palette creates a very beautiful neutral look. The formula is good, all the shadows are pigmented except for the shimmer, it is very sparse and difficult to apply, so I recommend dabbing it with a wet shadow brush.

When you find a quadrilateral that suits your skin tone, you will be happy to use it as a treat, because their shadows are very vivid. Therefore, I recommend you to try!




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